When you dive down the rabbit hole of running paid ads to promote your digital or physical product, you’ll likely find yourself met with large scale digital marketing agencies. While there’s not necessarily anything wrong with that, you’re not going to be getting the individual and personalized attention that we know you’re craving for your brand.

Our team’s approach is grounded in integrity and helping you succeed at every level with your marketing. We won’t merely take your money and run ads as the big wigs do! We collaborate to really ensure your entire marketing plan is set up for success before you begin paying for ads so that when you do, you get the most robust return on your investment (ROI)!

Defined Media was truly created to serve your small business in a results-driven, personable and human way.

we get building

think of us as your personal marketers, tucked alongside you in your back pocket!

the way we approach any project is really
based on 3 core phases...


collaborate and strategize

We’ll kick off every project with a strategy session where we will take the time to collaborate - don’t worry, our team will bring a heavy dose of strategy! Together, we’ll create a custom marketing and advertising plan built specifically for you and your brand.


we get building

While the strategy portion is collaborative, the best part of working with Defined Media is that you don’t have to worry about any of the technical stuff - we handle that! Whether it’s setting up your ads account for you or completely taking it over, we’ve got your back.


together we grow

Seeing results is the best part of digital marketing, so we set strong key performance indicators (KPIs) when we work together! My team also sends you regular analytical reports, so you always know exactly how your ads are performing!

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defined media is better than any agency you could work with because...

you're not "just another client." They genuinely care about your success and I can 100% trust them with my ad spend without needing to freak out.
- Aaron Alexander, Founder of Align Podcast

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