Defined Media Co. was created in 2018 by Melissa Maulini Furr as a resource for small to midsize businesses to leave a lasting impact on their ideal clients through social media.

Since then, the business has evolved into a team of personal marketers who specialize in working with brands that are as intentional about growing their business as Defined Media Co. is about creating strategic marketing plans. 

meet the defined media  team

paid advertising + digital marketing specialists

meet the founder

melissa maulini furr

Following a marketing career in the healthcare industry, Melissa tapped into her family’s entrepreneurial spirit (her Cuban dad built a business in America from the bottom up) and ventured out on her own, leveraging her social media skills to help small brands make their mark in a saturated space. 

Melissa quickly saw the need to offer her clients more than social media strategy. So, she grew her freelance business into a team of marketers with various skills and backgrounds to assist growing brands in all facets of their marketing with tailored custom-made plans that drive brand awareness and increase profit. Enter: Defined Media Co. 

Passionate about sustainability and doing good in the world, Melissa loves working with brands who share her passion for the environment. She lives out her love for nature daily in Asheville, North Carolina, where she spends her free time hiking, gardening, paddleboarding, rock climbing, and making pottery.

Melissa also continues to do work she loves outside of Defined Media Co., working as a Fractional COO for The Darin Olien Show. 

Career Highlights:  

- Helped a client hit a six-figure revenue in their first year of business within three months of working together. 
- Coordinated over $500k in sponsorship revenue for her influencer clients.
- Generated over 30% in revenue increases for her e-commerce clients, and gained big follower counts on popular social platforms like TikTok.

marketing manager

hannah scott

Meet our super creative Marketing Manager, Hannah!

While pursuing my bachelor’s degree in Business Administration - Marketing at North Carolina State University, I discovered my passion for helping brands showcase their visions and values and create meaningful connections with audiences. I had that “ah-ha” moment that led me down the path of storytelling through social media, and I’ve never looked back!

Before joining Defined Media, I worked in a variety of industries, from special events to automotive, fine-tuning my expertise in social media marketing and digital advertising. I realized there was something truly special about this type of work; pushing me to use all my knowledge and skills to make an impact and drive results, while always learning something new along the way.

When I’m not curating buzz-worthy content, you can find me exploring the city of Charlotte with my puppy, Talulah, or trying my hand at baking. The sweet tooth is real!

operations manager

whitney long

Meet our amazing Operations Manager, Whitney!

Whitney has been a Professional Photographer and Creative Project Manager for 8+ years. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Cinema & Television Studies with an emphasis on Screenwriting. 

Throughout her occupational journey, Whitney has served as an assistant to creative directors, reality television producers, writers, and personal stylists. She’s a creative by nature, but also a logistics-driven individual with a passion for creating efficient systems. In short, she loves to be the “go to” person and facilitate smooth workflows for her team members.

When she’s not working, you can find her enjoying time with her husband and daughter. She loves the mountains, drive-in movie theaters, and cheesy classic family shows like Little House on The Prairie.

graphic designer

chiara di noia

Meet our wildly creative Graphic Designer Chiara!

Originally from Italy, Chiara moved to the U.S. to pursue her bachelor degree in Marketing with a minor in Graphic Design. 

Chiara spent 4 years working as a Marketing Account Executive for a local Marketing Agency, however, her love for art always brought her back to the world of Graphic Design. She fell in love with her craft when she was only 10 and hasn't let it go since. She loves creating fun, engaging and purposeful graphics. And she is not afraid to create graphics that will stand out!

Coffee and pastries are what get her going. She loves starting her mornings with a good cup of coffee that she calls ' her creative juice'. In her free time she likes to paint, read, spend time outside (especially on her hammock!), going to the beach, working out, traveling, listening to music and cooking. Chiara currently lives in Florida and she is loving her tropical life!

our values


As your personal marketers, consider us an extension of your team. We value clear, frequent, and direct communication with our clients — we genuinely love chatting with them (about more than just marketing. 


We’re the marketing and ads experts, but you’re the expert on your product. Our process is grounded in partnership to make your marketing strategy specialized and intuitive and starts with getting to know you, and what your brand is about. 


The key to successful marketing (especially paid ads) is the ability to stay on top of innovation and experimentation. We work with clients who are bold, risk-taking, and willing to test new ideas with us. It makes marketing more exciting and rewarding - trust us!

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